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Full Version: GSoC proposal: Music meta repair and sync
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Music tag fixing and syncing music to mobile devices

Short description: Fixing broken music and syncing it to music players and phones.
Summary: This project is focused on providing beautiful looking music player to every user.
How will I achieve this: Adding a few changes to tag editor, adding support for automatic lyrics download and syncing to music player devices like phones, iPods etc.
What will the project focus on: This project will focus on scraping, fixing and automation of tag editing services of xbmc.
Benefits: It will provide better music experience to everyone.
Goals:Main aim is to provide complete music with meta and lyrics. Secondary aim is to provide music syncing services to every device
What does it touch in XBMC: Not much code is touched only a bit for automation and syncing.
Requirements: Python
Possible mentors:
forum/contact name: Rahul Kadyan (rahulkdn)
Mail: [email protected]
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So you are to late.
Do following from next time