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Full Version: Multi room add-on for XBMC 12.2
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I use to have a multi room add-on for the old version of xbmc. I was streaming music from my mac to my receiver using XBMC. I needed a multi room add-on to do this. Can't find the add-on for the new version of XBMC. Can anyone help me?
Context menu|Play Using
That is only in gotham 13.0
How do I find and start the multi room plug in for gotham 13.0. Trying to get it working with an onkyo receiver. Had it working till I tried updating to 12. Now I'm running 13
Could you clarify exactly what you are trying to do.
Yes I'd be happy to explain what I'm trying to accomplish. I had this working before the new version of XBMC came out. So I have a mac that stores all my music. I'm trying to get my music streamed directly to my Onkyo receiver to listen. With the older version I needed a multi-room plug in that would allow me to do this. With the new version I'm having troubles finding the plug in and getting my streaming to work. Worked flawlessly before shouldn't have upgraded versions. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank in advance. Oh I should note that I downloaded the Gotham 13.0
So are you running xbmc on the Mac and another computer with xbmc is feeding the sound system?
Thanks for the fast reply Nickr. I just have one computer, my Mac which want to stream music to my Onkyo receiver.
What streaming protocol does the amplifier use? If it uses upnp/dlna then use the context menu as stated above. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Hom...xtual_menu

In the services menu make sure upnp has "look for remote upnp players" is on.
I believe it uses upnp. Sorry for not understanding but at which point do I bring up the context menu. Is it when I have gone into music and have a song I want to play? When I bring up the context menu at this point I do not see the Play Using option. Also I turned on the look for remote upnp players. Unfortunately my receiver does not pick up the XBMC. Just pics up my Nullriver.
yes when something you want to play is highlighted - a song/album/playlist.
When I right click a menu comes up. But I only see Queue Item, Play, Add to favourites, Album information, Query info for all alums, Change scraper, Update library, Go to root, Now playing..., Settings. I do not see a Play Using.