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Full Version: NFO files overwritten
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Hi Guys

After setting up a shared library with MySQL i've noticed that all of my nfo files are overwritten

I understand this is because I exported my library.
I need my nfo files as is, is there a way I can have my nfo files and the nfo files MySQL needs?

Now none of my torrents are seeding as they are all missing NFO files Sad

I really didn't think this was going to happen Sad i wouldn't have setup MySQL if I knew
Guess.I should have read this http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Imp...rt_library

Sure, just skip the exporting step.
Hi Ned

Thanks for the reply, bit confused
If I can skip this stage then what is its purpose

I get it now, if I skip the export the other client needs to rescrape all the data again

Yep. Basically, the wiki instructions assume you are coming from a situation where you don't already have NFO files. If you do, and you aren't worried about preserving the watched/unwatched status of the library, then you don't need to make new NFO files. Your original NFO files will work just as well.
Thanks Ned

You said I "don't need to make new NFO files" but exporting to multiple files will overwrite these nfos so how can I use the originals?

Thanks again
If you have NFO files you do not want to overwrite, do not export to multiple files.

If those NFO files are not XBMC type nfo files, than you will simply not be able to retain your watched status when you switch to MySQL.
Additionally you will need to rescrape all your video metadata from the internet.

In case you already exported to individual files and you have lost your originals, you will most likely not be able to recover them.
Kibje, you hit all the nails on the head for me there

Thanks so much
XBMC will scrape using local .nfo data first before scraping for the internet, so you can leave your current .nfo's in there without exporting and then XBMC will use them when rebuilding the library.

Or are you saying you want to maintain your torrent .nfo's as the "original" and have XBMC still scrape/export the library?
Thanks jhhoffma