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Full Version: [language] add GUI setting descriptions
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This is for the discussion/suggestions of the still empty language strings to not spam Github with e-mails and comments.

To contribute you need to defines the following:
  • Strings ID
  • Text itself.

Please provide it as example below.
PHP Code:
msgctxt "#36416"
msgid "Defines the Apple remote standard used." 

Experienced github users may also send a PR to my branch.
DO NOT send a PR for every string!! I will simply ignore you.
Do an entire range and only after that send a PR with a single commit.
For now only do this for the empty strings. After all has been done we will start looking at improving current strings.

Commits will be squashed down in the end when merged into XBMC master

Github branch:
Hey Martijn, I got a PR for you, but github hates you and doesn't list you under "Choose a Base Repository" Smile You can cherry-pick Commit:7bf110f from my repo.


* I saw here, here and here that OE uses imperative sentences vs declarative ones. They're usually shorter, more to the point, less ambiguous and less self-referential (notice our wiki's use of the word "this" and, even scarier, lots of descriptions omitted "this". Lots of languages let you encode the subject in the predicate of a sentence, but English is pretty unclear - we have "allows" for 3rd person singular, and "allow" for all the rest. I imagine this would be a translation nightmare). I changed all the help descriptions from declarative to imperative in cases where it made the string A) shorter and B) not include the setting as an anonymous pronoun.
* Some boolean settings began "When enabled..." - for bools, this is kinda redundant
* Made the Clean Library string the same for both music and video
* Made the import string different for music and video (I think before it said "Import video" for both)
* Setting "Allow hardware acceleration (VDPAU)" has a help string id #36155, not #36154 (moved)
* Setting "Allow programs on this system to control XBMC" has a help string id #36334, not #36333
* Added string for setting "Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC" (#36338)
* lots of rewording and some typos. I fixed most of the typos on the wiki, but didn't change the rewording.

hmm can't apply it :S

ok fixed the merge errors
cool, if I get time over the weekend i'll put up the file and try to fill in a few more messages
(2013-05-09, 17:25)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]cool, if I get time over the weekend i'll put up the file and try to fill in a few more messages

Great thx :)
seems i did a PR from master instead of setting_info so created a proper PR2717