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Full Version: Wake up AVR with the pulse eight (Xtreamer)...
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Hi Guys, Need help here pls...

My config:

Xtreamer Ultra 2/Openelec -> Sony AVR KG800 -> Sony TV

Impossible to wake up my AVR with the pulse eight (Xtreamer)...

If I start TV first, TV wake up the AVR through Bravia sync (CEC) perfectly
Then I start the HTPC (Xtreamer) and all goes fine...All the rest working fine,AVR sound control through CEC, TV remote drive the AVR...

When I do:

Xtreamer Ultra 2/Openelec -> Sony TV -> Sony AVR KG800

The pulse eight wake up the TV and the AVR, but the sound is not HD on the AVR PCM48...

I Don't understand why HTPC is not able to wake up the AVR...

Thx for your help folks.

I all,
UP pls?? Any idea here?
Ok I found my answer here if it can help somebody :-)

If your OpenELEC machine has a black screen only when you boot it up before TV or AMP, follow this guide.
On some combinations of equipments (Amp/TV/OpenELEC) in rarer cases you may find that the order you power on your equipment matters. This is obviously inconvenient but can be easily fixed.
The root cause of this issue is the EDID (Extended display identification data) handshake. Xorg (a component of OpenELEC) may not correctly handshake with AV equipment after boot. Typically this results in a black screen and a full system shut down and restart to rectify.