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Full Version: XBMC Eden: TMDB can't connect to remote server
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I'm one of the troglodytes still using Eden. In recent days, TMDB has been extremely fitful, and for the past 24 hours it hasn't been able to connect at all to scrape movie info.

Has TMDB scraper support in Eden been dropped? Is anyone else having trouble?

Also in the past few days, XBMC has been hanging when manually retrieving movie thumbs from TMDB (Context Menu-> Get Thumb) and I've had to do a Force Quit. Again, is this happening to anyone else still using Eden and TMDB?

None of this stuff has ever been an issue for me before, until the past few days ... I haven't changed any settings. This is the exact same setup I've been using for more than a year.
I nuked my Userdata->Database folder and reimported my library. This seems to have fixed the issue. XBMC is also running faster now. My library must have been full of cobwebs that needed to be cleared out.