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Full Version: Music Cover Art
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Is there a trick to get XBMC to display the cover art for my music files?
OpenElec default install, using Aeon skin, all my music files have folder.jpgs and AlbumArtSmall.jpgs. The files were added as a source from a NAS and play without any issues. What I am missing?
OK I am using a remote and could not get the "C" menu on the source. I did that and selected Add to Library and the process is working. I can see fan art for the different bands in the background but I get the square with the music note on the right. How do you get that to display the cover art?
Go to your album listing. Select get album information for all albums from your context menu, then go to thumbnail view in your side blade (or whatever the equivalent is in Aeon) and the thumbs should steadily load. XBMC caches the images first so it may take a little while to fully populate, but if you page down through your thumbnail view it should populate them all. Come back if not.