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Full Version: HLS stream stops after few minutes
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When I go to http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/380789_13...699279.htm I can stream this video flawlessly. However, when I access the very same stream using XBMC (http://imgWNAS0WNAS5WNASln1.m2wscdn-h.ku...ylist.m3u8), the video stops after 1 or 2 minutes.

I need to access the stream from XBMC as the XBMC server is an old AMD Athlon 64 X2 3500+ that can't keep up with the CPU hog that is called Flash Player (CPU goes to 100% if I enlarge the video to 1024x768) (newest drivers, enabling/disabling hardware acceleration and upgrading Flash Player did not help). In XBMC the video plays like a breeze though... for 1-2 minutes that is!

What version of XBMC are you using?

If you haven't already, try running a nightly development build of XBMC in portable mode as ffmpeg was recently updated which may improve this.
Thank you for the reply! I tried the newest nightly build (May 10th), but the issue is still there, I'm afraid.