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Full Version: Playing Movies on my PC
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At present I view my films/tv shows in the following way –

It is all stored on a 2TB external hard drive. This connects directly to a “Cyclone Micro 2+ MKV Player”, which in turn is connected to my TV via a HDMI cable.

I’ve had this set up for the last year now and has worked brilliantly, but the interface GUI was very bland and it didn’t serve to catalogue my music.

I therefore just discovered XMBC which so far (only played about with movies and music) looks like it could be what I’m just after. Especially with the Transparency Skin which I think is amazing.

I do have a question though. My new set up is as follows.

XMBC installed on my Windows XP computer. Two external hardrive connected to my pc (one for films/tv the other for music).
I’ve imported all my music to my music library and films into my movies section.
At present my computer is connected to my TV via a VGA to VGA cable.

I have noticed that when I play some media in via XMBC as opposed to the Micro 2+ that some of the films are not as clear, picture wise. Is this due to me connected VGA to VGA?

In order to correct this would I need a lead like the following?


So in theory I would plug the above in my TV and then attach the VAG lead between this and the PC?

Any help would be appreciated.

But so far I’m very impressed with this. Can’t believe I’ve just discovered it.
I am not sure the performance of those vga - hdmi adapters will be any better, its still the same source. A much better solution is to install a new graphics card on the PC with HDMI.
Or perhaps something like the following?

Your result will be the same or lower quality than directly connecting the VGA to the TV. You can't improve the quality of what comes out of the VGA port with any kind of adapter.
Something like this would give you a much better result, provided it is compatible with your PC (just an example - you need to make sure before buying). If you have a laptop and not a desktop, then you really don't have any good options.

Thanks for your help and comments, but I have a desktop PC.
Well I haven't seen a desktop computer that you can't install an alternative graphics card in, but there you go.

Why don't you buy a small HTPC and stick it under your TV, and netowrk it to the desktop where the files reside?