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Full Version: adding info manually
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I have been playing around with XBMC for about 3 weeks not, learning what it can and can't do. I am setting up all my TV, DVD/BL Players, and computers to access the server. So far all the devices are accessing it with no problem. Some of the TVs are not fancy when it displays the list but are workable.

I have now started to transfer all my shows into the server and have come across a problem that I don't know how to fix. I have shows that are not listed in any database on the web where the scrappers can go get the information from. I would like to add them into XBMC and add the information myself for it. Right now XMBC just displays the file name and won't let me enter in any information. Is there an add-on program that will allow me to add the information myself?

For example, I produced a series of stage shows at a theatre. All these shows were recorded. I would like to add it into the system, along with description, original date it was recorded, etc., etc. Pretty much what is recorded for TV series.

I also have produced my own movies that are not in any database on the web and probably won't ever be out there. So I want to add them with all the movies information so they can be accessed.

Any ideas on how to do that or an add-on that will do it?

check the wiki and research .nfo files.
Hi Zac,

May not be the quickest way, but what I do is copy a .nfo file from one of the shows that has scraped and edit in notepad (or preferably notepad++) to put my own description, etc. Then take screenshots to be your folder image and fanart. Save them alongside your home vids per the wiki naming guidelines and XBMC should take the info from them when you refresh the item in preference to trying to search the interweb.

Hope that helps.
Thanks that helps for now. But this process will be a pain when you have a lot to do. I hope someone creates an add-on that will handle this process.

I have built a few scripts I use from command line to make movie nfo's and make tv show NFO's for DVD disks I have

What it does is create files that force xbmc to go out and find all the episodes of a tv show, and also display movies, etc that it normally can't find.

The other option is just to make NFO files that point to imdb pages for the movie you want loaded. I had good luck with this for movies, not so good luck with tv shows.

I know they are not polished or even exactly what you want, but might be a good place to start if you want them.
See this post http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1299816 it is pretty detailed, or Video_library/Home_videos/custom_videos (wiki) if not, the someone who needs to create this addon your speaking of - could be you!