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Full Version: XBMC Not Launching from Shortcut
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Hello all, I'm trying to get XBMC to startup with my MCE Remote (VRC-1100), but I'm having an issue. Remote picture below:

I've setup XBMC with a shortcut on my desktop. In that shortcut I have setup my remote to use "Ctrl+Shift+T" (the yellow button) as the shortcut key to start XBMC. The problem is, sometimes it starts, most times, it doesn't. The way I fix it is by going into the shortcut properties, changing the shortcut key to something else, then changing it back. That tends to fix it most times, but it's rather annoying to have to keep doing that. I have the same problem with Steam. I use a different button from the Remote to start it (Ctrl+Shift+M - button under the red button), but most times, it doesn't start either. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a permanent fix for this or a better work around? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, I've tried using eventghost. Not a fan, seems to go over my head and a lot to setup compared to windows' built in feature of shortcut keys.

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