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Full Version: How do I get TV Shows to Work??
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I've had my XMBC up and running for some time now but only recently wanted to add TV Shows. I've a dedicated folder on my server (WHS2011) for TV Shows and have added this as a source. I've set the folder structure as TV Shows (top level folder on server and source) --> Show Title --> Show Series --> S00E00 - Episode Title. Is this correct as nothing is showing up when I ask it to scan for new content. I'm probably doing something obviously wrong but cant fathom it.
It should be Show Title -> and then either directly the episodes containing S00E00 in their filename, or you can have
Show Title -> Season 01 -> S01E01.mkv

Be sure that the Show Title is as on thetvdb.com
You need to set the content on the source so go to files highlight the tv source and bring up the context menu and select set content, tell it to use thetvdb as a scraper and let it import your tv shows into your library.
See Video_library/Naming_files/TV_shows (wiki) and then Video_library/Adding_media_sources (wiki) and Video_library/Setting_content_and_scanning (wiki) if you follow that it all should work 99% of the time

Thanks! Sorted it now. It was a combination of the naming structure and also that the skin had 'hide watched' selected so nothing appeared!

Many Thanks
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