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Full Version: [split] Gamepad Configuration
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(2013-02-19, 14:27)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]Gamepad re-configuration probably makes the most sense per-platform instead of per-emulator IMO, except for arcade per-game configurations. The tricky part is the GUI and/or xml files. XBMC is a mediacenter, so usability is an extremely high priority. When I get to gamepad re-configuration I'll need usability impressions from multiple testers.

The most frictious part of RetroPlayer's eventual merge is the interfaces - the GUI and, to a lesser extent, the APIs. So it's important that we nail the usability aspect. To that extent, insights on usability (mostly design, also feedback) are highly appreciated.

I would love to see per-platform gamepad configs. I did a very fast mockup of how I envisioned this (I am not a graphic designer, please don't laugh):

NES Config

PS1 Config

Basically, for each platform you want to configure, the GUI will show that platform's controller and ask you to press each button, one at a time. At each button press/release event, that button is recorded and the system automatically asks for input for the next button. I feel like this graphical method will move very quickly if you want to individually configure many systems.
I'm assuming it could be a python addon that could handle this?

I wouldn't mind taking a crack at it if some details can be thrown my way
This would also be very usefull for every input device XBMC can handle. Like remotes and keyboards.
I think the solution for this should be very generic so that xbmc in genral can benefit from it. Its a mess to configure a remote with lirc and get the correct Lirc.d file :-(
At the risk of introducing feature creep... what about support for those harmony remote profiles or similar? There are a couple of different softwares out there for mapping controller buttons to keyboard keys, most of which use pictures of the controller. Maybe they could be adapted?