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Full Version: Jadoo tv help.
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hey i have a jadoo tv 2 and apple tv 2 with xbmc installed. I want channels from jadoo tv 2 min over the xbmc. I know there has been talk of this forum before. but I thought we should once and for all find out together how we can make it. I use Wireshark on a windows pc. Just like a told me on this forum. when I search for RTMP in Wireshark so I up plenty of different RTMP.what I'm wondering is if anyone here knows exactly what RTMP of the many to choose for your correct address / RTMP. or should I do it another way to find the right RTMP easy ways. all help, help. thank you in advance.
Bilal.......did u make any progress?
Can some one help me to install XBMC on Jadoo tv3? Thanks.
It is possible, but then Jadoo will not work afterwards.
is it possible to install xbmc on jadoo tv 3 ?
how can we add more stream on jaddoo tv