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Full Version: Airplay no video.
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Trying to airplay youtube videos (in safari) from an iPhone5 I get no video, debug log:


Any thoughts?
I don't know much about linux, but did you install the avahi-daemon as per the wiki?


Looks like you have a few failed messages in the log regarding this service.

(I use the windows version, and had to install Bonjour to get Airplay to work, I think Avahi is the equivalent zero config networking service in linux)
Yea it's installed.
Looks like you get only audio. There is nobody even trying to connect and distribute a video stream to XBMC. So its most likly a DRM issue (airplaying DRM'ed video is only allowed if the target supports encryption which is not possible for XBMC because of the closed nature of the Apple Airplay protocol). Nothing we can do about it in that case.
I don't know exactly what videos were tried, but they were just random user uploaded ones.

Is it possible there's a networking issue? The xbmc and airplay device are connected via a wrt54gl router running tomato. (xbmc is wired, airplay device was on wifi).
If it works from youtube - then its no network issue.
Only audio ever works though? I can't imagine there was DRM on the videos attempted, there has to be some other explanation.
Please select a "hostname" in xbmc settings - something different then just "XBMC".