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Full Version: RetroPlayer branch of Kodi
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shader/overlay support would be way cool. I have absolutely no idea how to add shaders or overlays to RetroPlayer Smile anything is possible, it just takes time, and right now I'm focused on getting out Isengard test builds.

when I'm ready, I'll fire up RetroArch and start sinking some serious thought into this. In the meantime, you're welcome to post any shader-related ideas you have.
Do you have any idea when it'll be ready?
you can not get an estimation nor a release date for something anyone will look into, before this actually happened...
@Nezza - no, there is no ETA, but as garbear already mentioned he's working hard to get a new testbuild ready for april first. If this testbuild doesn't reveal too many bugs chances are good that Retroplayer is going to be merged in the near future - most likely not for Isengard though.
as always 'later than it could have been now that you had us waste time on answering the question'.
This is most likely out of scope of this project but here goes. How about creating containers for roms, similar to how mkv's work. They could contain multi-discs, gameart, descriptions, cheats, controller configs and various other Game specific attributes. It would make games and libraries much more portable.

Just a thought!
sure, it's called a zip file Smile
Confused, Guess I didn't think that through.

Zips make complete sense, the're just less strict in what and how attributes are stored. I guess i don't understand fully how retroplayer parses/launches libraries/roms. It seems to me that there is some cross over with how games are scraped, presented and launched in respects to how they're stored. Maybe there is already some standard with naming, structuring and defining that is documented somewhere?

Below is how I would in vision games being stored within a zip


  game2(disc 1).bin
  game2(disc 1).cue
  game2(disc 2).bin
  game2(disc 2).cue

  game3(disc 1)(track 1).bin
  game3(disc 1)(track 2).bin
  game3(disc 1).cue
  game3(disc 2)(track 1).bin
  game3(disc 2)(track 2).bin
  game3(disc 2).cue

the nfo (stolen from RCB) might look something like

  <disc mask>"\(disc\s\d\)*\.cue"</disc mask>
  <savestate />
  <cheat codes />
  <title />
  <originalTitle />
  <alternateTitle />
  <platform />
  <plot />
  <publisher />
  <developer />
  <year />
  <genre />
  <detailUrl />
  <maxPlayer />
  <region />
  <perspective />
  <numController />
  <controller config />
  <version />
  <rating />
  <votes />
  <thumb local="path\to\art" type="boxfront">http://url/to/thumb.jpg</thumb>
  <thumb local="path\to\art" type="screenshot">http://url/to/thumb.jpg</thumb>
  <thumb local="path\to\art" type="boxback">http://url/to/thumb.jpg</thumb>
  <thumb local="path\to\art" type="cartridge">http://url/to/thumb.jpg</thumb>
  <thumb local="path\to\art" type="fanart">http://url/to/thumb.jpg</thumb>

I guess my only point of reference for how games are presented and launched is through RCB/RetroArch. Maybe its the scrapers responsibility to construct and organize this data but it seems to me that there are different groups and communities that do it differently. And maybe this ties into this

Just the point of view of a novice that has spent way to much time on this so he can force nostalgia onto his childrenSmile
Regarding zip files, i know that some emulator cores can play the rom file inside a zip file.
But some emulator cores dont.

Could retroplayer prepare the file so all emulators will work with zip files?
This saves a lot of diskata since rom files are very good to compress.
any news about merging this into main branch?

Can video and games coexist in this branch?

I'm waiting to dump hyperspin in the trash Big Grin
Let's just wait for the new release which garbear has planned for next week. He'll probably be too busy to develop the roadmap further until then.
some IRL stuff came up a few days ago, so i'm a little behind on my april 1 estimate. keyboard input is really close to working though, so i'll try to get some builds up within the first week or two of april

also, check the awesomeness of https://github.com/kodi-game . thanks to the UNGODLY efforts of ironic_monkey, we have over 50 (!!!) libretro cores compiling on linux, ready to be tested once input is done.
Nicely done! We'll be sure to test them all as soon as you'll let us Wink
from now on ironic_monkey should be called retro_spiff Wink
(2015-03-28, 17:36)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]also, check the awesomeness of https://github.com/kodi-game . thanks to the UNGODLY efforts of ironic_monkey, we have over 50 (!!!) libretro cores compiling on linux, ready to be tested once input is done.
Oh ****, I'm starting to doubt if it was a good idea for me to package each binary addon separately, I guess it's time to write some scripts.
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