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Full Version: Action script for cases.
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I'm sure this has been messaged previously, but I haven't noticed if it's buried in the forums and I missed it. My library is getting fairly big and using views like coverflow I've found what feels like a 20% increase in fly speed if the case covers have been disabled (I guess redraw of the screen etc takes it's toll) but occasionally I run into a cover with an embedded case. e.g.


They look as good if not better than an overlayed case, and sure if the skin you use has animated cases, then you would be giving that up. I've noticed quite a few case choices on a scrape that include these kind of embedded cases, but for the most they would have to be hand done. I'm wondering if there is any templates standards for the 'angle', and some web site that specializes in this kind of case and most of all is there an available photoshop or gimp 'Action' which could be run in a batch. A further mod of a script might interrogate the .nfo and make case templates available on a resolution basis and even ad company logos... etc.

I'm unsure if this would be a direction to consider; perhaps XBMC on an SSD might give the same kind of performance leap? This might be more pain than it's worth trying to keep these cases up. Love to hear from others that have considered this or are doing it now.
like this?
http://www.psdcovers.com/bluraycase002 (template)
still could be a lot of work though
That would be close, but as noted would have to be developed a lot and I'm not sure the payout justifies the effort. I'll save a bit of $ and see if a SSD drives comes out on top. Thanks for the links to the 'Action'.
I have an ssd (64 gb) that runs xbmcbuntu on a dual core 2.4 Ghz (so not rock and roll) for my htpc - and has no issues