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Full Version: Xbox Dead Motherboard.
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Hey guy's, first time posting. I have an Xbox that has XBMC on it, the issue is that the motherboard is overheating and shutting off after about a minute. I have another Xbox, same model.

My questions, is the firmware on the Xbox actually modified during the process of installing xbmc, or is it all kept on the hard drive itself.

If it is, Can I just take the hardrive from the modified system, and put it into the new one and expect it to work?

Thank you for your replies. Smile
The motherboard isn't dead if it's still coming on.

It's more likely that it's just overheating and then shutting off. The heat-sink is loose or the fan has gone out most likely.
you cannot swap the hdd, but you should be able to clone it.

anywho, you should post in the XBMC4XBOX forum, you will get it sorted in no time:

Awesome, Thank you guy's. Big Grin