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Full Version: Smart Playlist or Custom Node?
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I read up on the Wiki how to create custom main menu entries and so I quickly set up a few xml files to seperate my library.

I use ACE as skin and this lets me set up to 5 Smart Playlists and 5 Video Nodes. Now I'm wondering what is the difference? Are there any pro's / con's when using one or the other? I couldn't find this information on the Wiki
Depends on what your using them for
I want to seperate my normal TV Shows from Anime, and have a seperate section for 3D Movies.
My Storage is already set up, so that everything is in a different folder. Before I used used the File Browser, but I finally switched to Library Mode and now I want to represent my Folder Structure again.

So I created a couple of playlists and video nodes but for some reason XBMC is still scraping stuff for over an hour already. Anyway, it seems that both solutions work, but for example my Anime Playlist seems to lists Episodes as unwatched instead of shows. I have like 5000 unwatched Anime now :p

The Anime Node didn't show anything like this, but it seems that it takes longer to load when using the Node instead of the Playlist.
Nodes are based on smart playlists (at least, the rules are based on). Nodes can be displayed within the GUI without any customziation, unless you want them to be displayed in a specific area. Smart playlists are easier to make within the GUI, because a GUI editor for nodes hasn't been created yet. From what I understand, custom nodes is something that will get better with time, as right now it's mostly ground work that has been layed out. Depending on the skin you use, they can behave nearly identically, but will eventually evolve into more distinct roles. At least that is my impression.