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Full Version: View files by folder structure?
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Hi all,

I'm not sure if it's the new 12.2 version or something else - I want to bring back the display of folders > files via the Videos > Files menu. Up until I upgraded and switched to a different XBMC computer (the old one, running Frodo 12.0, broke and is no more), I was able to go to Videos > Files, and then I would get a list of all folders that contain my video files. This worked for both Movies and Series.

Now, on the new computer and with Frodo 12.2, all I get is a huge list of filenames - no folders.

I have the sources set up in exactly the same way - single folders named by genre, and in the folders, there are the movie files.

Is there a setting for this somewhere, or is this an intended change since 12.2? If so, how can I bring back folders?

Although you folder structure is not a recommended one, as far as I know this should still work.

Can you make a screenshot of how it looks now ?
Thanks for the reply Kibje! I realize that the folder structure isn't what everyone recommends, however I do have the movies all named correctly (according to the convention) and they are all read correctly.

I'm not sure what kind of screenshot you mean or if that would help - it's just a list of all movies, ordered by name (or filename, or date, or size, or whatever is currently selected). Basically, instead of showing the folders, it just shows me all movies from all folders in a long list.
I just want to make sure you are doing everything correctly, and since you provide hardly any details i hoped a screenshot would make me spot the error.
I am just guessing you have two sources, one called Movies and one called Series, is that correct ?
Sorry - of course.


Not sure how to embed here... I hope it helps.

This is the screen I get after going to Videos > Files > Movies.

And just for clarification - I have added each folder by itself as a source, e.g.

In the above example, these would each be three separate sources under "Movies".

(2013-05-15, 00:46)Kibje Wrote: [ -> ]I am just guessing you have two sources, one called Movies and one called Series, is that correct ?

Yes, that's right, but inside of these two, I have added each folder separately.

Source "Movies"
|-- folder A
| |-- file 1.mkv
| |-- file 2.mkv
|-- folder B
| |-- file 1.mkv
| |-- file 2.mkv
|-- folder C
Please post your sources.xml , you created a bit of a mess Smile

You should probably add only two sources in this scenario.
Also, I have no idea how you managed to add a source within another source - this is not possible.

Please switch skin to Confluence, and navigate from Files - Videos to your source Movies and post a new screenshot.
I can't see where you are exactly because this skin might show that differently.
Ha, ok Smile

New screenshot in Confluence: http://i.imgur.com/AhFv7KX.jpg

Here's the sources.xml:

<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\action\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\action-heist\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\action-hitman-agent\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\drama-business-polit\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\drama-crime\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\drama-dance-school\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\drama-law\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\scifi-space\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\scifi-superhero\</path>
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\thriller\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\adventure\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\animated\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\classics\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\comedy\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\comic style\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\fantasy\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\foreign\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\horror\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\romance\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\scifi\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\scifi-apocalypse\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\sports\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\sword+shield\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\war\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\war-history\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\western\</path>
<path pathversion="1">S:\movs7\drama\</path>
<path pathversion="1">J:\+series\drama-business-polit\</path>
<path pathversion="1">J:\+series\drama-law\</path>
<path pathversion="1">J:\+series\scifi\</path>
<path pathversion="1">J:\+series\scifi-apocalypse\</path>
<path pathversion="1">J:\+series\scifi-space\</path>
<path pathversion="1">K:\series3\drama-crime-police-investigation\</path>
<path pathversion="1">K:\series3\drama-dance-school\</path>
<path pathversion="1">K:\series3\drama-medicine\</path>
<path pathversion="1">K:\series3\scifi-mystery\</path>
<path pathversion="1">K:\series3\war\</path>
<path pathversion="1">L:\series4\action-hitman-agent\</path>
<path pathversion="1">L:\series4\animated\</path>
<path pathversion="1">L:\series4\fantasy\</path>
<path pathversion="1">L:\series4\shield+sword\</path>
<path pathversion="1">M:\series5\comedy\</path>
<path pathversion="1">M:\series5\drama\</path>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<name>Media 1</name>
<path pathversion="1">I:\</path>
<name>Media 2</name>
<path pathversion="1">J:\</path>
Ok, the way you added the sources and the way you get to see the files is entirely correct.
I now also get what you meant with the source within a source - you had added several folders to the location settings of a single source.
If you tell XBMC that the virtual folder 'Movies' is made up of the contents of several folders, than those folders themselves will not be visible.

I guess what you *wanted* to do was
<path pathversion="1">I:\movs\</path>
<path pathversion="1">R:\movs6\</path>
<path pathversion="1">S:\movs7\</path>

This way you will still see the different subfolders when navigating into the source.
Ahh - you're right, that last bit rang a bell. That's the way I had it before, on the old computer. I figured it would be better to add the single genre-subfolders instead this time, in case I ever need to move a folder to a different location. Then I could just relocate that folder in the source.

I want to be able to navigate by folder because TMDB doesn't sort the movies the way I want them to be sorted... Oh well.

Now it all makes sense. Thanks a lot for taking the time to figure it out. I appreciate your help very much!
No problem, and thanks for marking the thread solved yourself Smile
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On the plus side - I figured out how to embed images Smile
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