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Full Version: Can't turn off subtitles
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I think someone else was talking about this same issue, not sure if it has been reported but I can not turn off subtitles on any of my DVD rips. I am a current user of Media Browser but wanted to switch to XBMC. All my movies have this issue where subtitles are displayed by default and can not be turned off..... HELP please as I really want to use XBMC Sad

Running 12.2 on Windows if that makes any difference, rips are with CloneDVD and yes I do typically have the English subtitles (forced and not) as I ended up missing some force ones on some rips lol. I do not have this issue with MB or Windows Media Center playback
Yes, other thread here. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=164858

Just providing a service by linking the threads, I know nothing about this issue Smile