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Full Version: Intro Video question
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I have been wracking my brain and the search option trying to find the solution to this problem to no avail, so hopefully someone can enlighten me.

I am not certain if this is Skin based, version based, or simply a lack of knowledge on my part, so I was unsure where exactly to post.

Basically, I am trying to display an intro video when XBMC first loads up. I have no issues getting it to play, however the problem(s) I am running into are as follows:

If I add the following into my autoexec.py file, the intro video plays fine, but only after the program and menu show up:

import xbmc
xbmc.executebuiltin("PlayMedia(F:\\XBMC\\XBMC - Startup Intro.mp4)")

If I add the following into my autoexec.py file, the intro video plays fine as before, but with a slightly shorter delay in opening the video:

xbmc.executebuiltin("PlayMedia(F:\\XBMC\\XBMC - Startup Intro.mp4)")
import xbmc

If I add the following into my Startup.xml (\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.aeonmq4\720p\), the intro file does actually play before the skin loads and displays, however only the audio plays for approximately half of the video, then video appears near the end:

<onload>PlayMedia(special://skin/XBMC - Startup Intro.mp4)</onload>

What I would prefer the video to do is to play in full before XBMC even displays. I have attempted to add delays to counteract the audio issue, import time, time.sleep(x), etc to no avail.

I'm sure there is something minor I'm overlooking, but would appreciate any help anyone may have to offer.

I am running:

Frodo 12.1 GIT:20130317-0D373CC
Aeon MQ 4 Build 3.0.0
Windows 7 64-Bit

If any other info is needed please let me know.

Any ideas what may be causing this? I did not include a debug log as I doubt it is system based, and moreso an issue with the way I am inputting the code or some such. If necessary I can include a log for both scenarios. I have created quick videos showing what the issues I discussed previously look like.

Autoexec.py issue - Autoexec
Startup.xml issue - Startup

As you can see with the Autoexec video, the program and menu load, and then go into the intro video. With the Startup video, I was only able to start recording with fraps once the video actually appeared, so what happens prior is the audio from the intro video plays on a black screen and then finally displays video towards the end of the intro, then continues to load the program.

Thanks again for any help and/or info anyone may be able to offer.


Decided to include logs just in case anyone needed to see them.

Here is the debug log from when the code is in the Autoexec.py - Autoexec.py Debug
Here is the debug log from when the code is in the Startup.xml - Startup.xml Debug
You could try implementing this addon: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=124124
Thank you Kibje for getting back to me. I did run across this post a couple of days ago when I was looking into the problem and noticed near the top of the page it said Eden so I did not try it. I just downloaded, installed, and ran it. The add-on does not "out of package" play the intro. I am looking at a few of the .py and .xml files and attempting to inject similar code from my first post to see if I can get it to play. Will let you know the results.


Just tested with a few variations on code and no dice. When I go to program add-ons and select the add-on the intro video plays, but that's the only way it works. Saw some of the same results in the thread you pointed out. It appears to be a skin issue, because when I switched to Aeon Nox for testing purposes it worked just fine. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with python enough to implement the necessary changes myself. If you or anyone else has any ideas that might rectify that without too much involvement, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, since I'm pretty happy with Aeon MQ4, I may just have to do with the delay until that skin becomes compatible with said add-on. Thank you for looking into it and for any possible ideas. Still holding out hope lol
Request it in the Aeon MQ4 thread then, if you have confirmed it worked in another skin.
I have left a post in that thread. I will report back here if I can find a solution or if support ends up happening and then mark this as solved. Thanks again Kibje
I just cannot seem to get this to work smoothly in Confluence on XBMC 12.2 Frodo.. If I put the code in Home.xml, it starts too late.. If I put the code in Startup.xml it looks 'ok' sometimes, and not others (too slow).

I found a way that loads right away, every time.. but the issue is, the video seems to repeat, for some reason, never actually loading the menu.

Can someone give me an example of what i need to modify to get an intro movie to play BEFORE the menu/background loads?