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Full Version: Scraping a Pre-NFO'd Library from Media Companion
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I have wanted to clean up my library for a while and so i finally sat down and did the following.

--Removed All files from each movie folder except movie and subs
--Imported everything into Media Companion
--Created NFO, Fanart, Poster, and Actors for each movie w/ Media Companion

(format moviename.nfo, moviename-fanart.jpg, moviename-poster.jpg)

The hope was with all of this pre-made I could point xbmc to this folder and the scraper would use this data instead, the import would be fast, and all the artwork would be populated.

I set content to none and cleaned the library and then set content to movies, recursive, and set use folder names... to off.

the import didnt seem to go very fast. and not all of my artwork is showing in xmbc. roughly half the movies have posters.

what have i done wrongHuh
Update library? Scan for new content? One of those should kick it off, but I can't remember which.
thanks, but I know how to update the library hence why i said it didnt go as fast as i was expecting. the problem is when the scan is happening it isnt grabbing all of the local pre-pulled data that i wanted it to. I'm sure there is a setting or something i have wrong but thats what i need to know. i have done all the work to pre-define my movies and i want xmbc to use this info.

any other ideas?
I suppose you mean moviefilename-fanart.jpg.

If that does not work post some more info, screenshots of the filenames / structure, your sources.xml, upload a debug log (wiki).
Well, one update command won't work if XBMC doesn't detect a change in the directory, using some kind of hash magic that spiff explained to me once. The other command will force XBMC to check a directory no matter what.
I did a bunch of testing this weekend and decided to start completely clean. I read that some ppl were having issues with mysql 5.6 so i down graded to 5.5.31. With this blank sql server and an empty thumbnails folder I started up xbmc, set content on my movies, and said yes to the refresh all. when this finished I scanned for new content again. All movies show up in the library but i have no fanart or posters. The goal was to have xbmc load my pre-saved images in each movie folder but it's not working. as requested i have provided images of folder and file structure posted a link to the debug log. (i will use the log uploader next time)

Tell me if there is anything else I can provide.



Debug Log
Debug Log Link
I don't think my images posted. here is a second attempt.


not entirely sure about this, but since they are stacked, you might want to try without the "-cdx" for nfo and art such as:

I don't thing the -cdx part is the issue. if I am reading the wiki right I think that part is ok.

"name the file either moviename.nfo or moviename-CD1.nfo where the first filename is moviename-CD1.avi"

I've looked at the debug log that i previously posted and it looks like the posters and fanart loaded on the initial pull.

14:08:18 T:1124 DEBUG: Mysql execute: INSERT INTO art(media_id, media_type, type, url) VALUES (1, 'movie', 'fanart', 'smb://xbmc:[email protected]/Movies/2 Headed Shark Attack/2hsaUnKnowN-fanart.jpg')

14:08:18 T:1124 DEBUG: Mysql execute: INSERT INTO art(media_id, media_type, type, url) VALUES (1, 'movie', 'poster', 'smb://xbmc:[email protected]/Movies/2 Headed Shark Attack/2hsaUnKnowN-poster.jpg')

I also looked at the database to verify and the url appears to be set properly there as well.

any idea why i don't have posters/fanart on any of my movies?
Try deleting this file to force XBMC to rebuild the artwork cache:

userdata (wiki)/database/Textures13.db
Ned Scott, I do believe you fixed my issue. Thank you sir!