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Full Version: XBMCbuntu Frodo 12.2 + Zotac ND22 + 50" Panasonic: openbox screen size problem
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I have done a clean install + updates etc and xbmc is all running fine.
My issue is when I login to openbox the screen appears to be trimmed on all sides.
No matter if I change resonlution etc I can't get a corecly sized screen it is always over sized.
My screen+size+frequency appears to be detected correctly via HDMI.

I can't find a 'stretch'parameter (or anything similar) in the NVidia config to tweek.

Any suggestions ?

Have you tried the video calibration within XBMC or is this not what you mean? http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Set...alibration...
Rather than setting it up from XBMC, make sure it is setup correctly in the panasonic screen for that HDMI input.

thank you for your help, it was the TV being set to overscan.
I turned off the overscan and recalibrated.

Its all good now.

Many thanks,
I am having a similar issue running xbmcbuntu to a 60 inch screen over hdmi, all resolutions are set to 1920x 1080 but the ubuntu home screen and the xbmc screen are oversized so i can not see the outer edges. I installed a new nvidia video card so I think I need to update the video card drivers. I have been through the forums and the wiki and have typed in some of the commands to load updated drivers, but I am not sure what parts of the commands to type or even where to start typing them in. Is there a step by step walkthrough of how to update drivers or can i simply browse to the website inside of xbmcubuntu somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
My issues was a tv picture size setting as well. thanks