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Full Version: XBox 360 Controller Config
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Hey guys,

First off, thanks for all your hard work, this is just the fattest layer of icing on a the most delicious cake that is XBMC.

I have the latest build compiled on ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.
When compiling I enabled the joystick support.
I can use the wireless XBox 360 controller to traverse XBMC.
I have it working with the RCB (and working very well, thank you guys!) , I can launch using the internal emulators pretty flawlessly.
I installed the xbox 360 keymap into the ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymap/ folder, but the logs seem to indicate that this is done already when xbmc starts up.

I cannot get the controller to work for any of the emulators and actually control gameflow. I have read as much of the 65 page thread that I could, and cant seem to figure out where I'm going wrong (or if I am, not sure if this is 100% working yet).

Could anybody point me in the right direction? I didn't want to add this to the gamepad thread, because that seems more of an endgame conversation, so my intermediate tinkering might not be relevant in the future.

Thanks for any help, and THANK YOU so much for your work overall.

XBMC log

Edit: Just to note here that I can get it to work in windows using the precompiled binary here: http://celed.ielf.org/retroplayer/ ... just no luck with Linux.

I would also like to know.
(2013-06-03, 00:54)htpc guy Wrote: [ -> ]I would also like to know.

Do you have it working as far as I did (Controlling XBMC with the controller)? If so, maybe post your log?

I do know that the right thumbstick being pushed in until it "clicks" exits the currently playing game. Only reason I tried this is because it harkens back to the old xbox days with fcex and the like.
Got the same problem. The controller works without a problem in the normal XBMC menu but when I start a ROM, all that's working is the right stick (for changing the volume) and the shoulder buttons for fast-forwarding/fast-rewinding. Any help appreciated.
Also I'm not really sure which file to use from here. The normal keyboard.xml? Or the joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml? Or a complete different file?

Running OpenELEC 3.2.0 General x86_64 btw
Did you change anything to get the controller working in the normal menu? Because I only got volume up, down and A,B Buttons.

Don't mind that, it's an problem with xpad, wich is not recognizing my controller in the right way.