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Full Version: Sound gone!
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I've had the same htpc running xbmc in my bedroom for a couple years now. Nothing has changed, same TV and same audio system. I powered on last night to watch something and had no UI sounds and no sound in movies or TV shows. I switched to DirecTV to make sure it wasn't my audio setup but it worked fine there. Why would XBMC sound all of a sudden be gone?

EDIT: BTW, this is with Frodo 12.2 on Windows 8. Never had a problem all the time I've used XBMC and now I can't for the life of me figure out why sound is gone.
debug log (wiki)
I was hoping you wouldn't say that, lol. I seem to remember there being a key press a while back that I read about that inadvertently killed and brought back sound. I hoped it was that easy.
Maybe mute or maybe you need to turn the volume up.
I changed from analog to hdmi a little whiel back and had the same problem. It ended up being my settings in system/system/audio output (Aeon Nox). I tinkered with the audio output device and passthrough output device to get it back. Something to try.
I never got it working again so what I did was went into the userdata folder and renamed XBMC to XMBCold so that XBMC would start fresh. I had to add my sources again, but sound came right back.
So this is solved ?
In a roundabout way, yes.
You could run diff over your files and figure out what has changed.
Thread marked as solved.