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Full Version: Menu item to launch Music Playlist and Slideshow
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I have friends come round and when they do I frequently have my TV on in the background with xbmc playing some music as well as a selection of my photos.

At the moment I play an album as normal and then select a photo directory to run a slideshow from, but this is a tedious process.

I want one menu option which I can kick this off together.
When I show my california holiday snaps I want to have a 'Born in the USA', 'Hotel California' etc. songs playing
When I show my ski holiday snaps I want to have all the cheeze apri ski music playing

I would like to configure a playlist of music, and a set of photo directories and give these a name.
Then a menu showing a list of all the configured names so all I need to do is select this and the slideshow and music is kicked off.

Is there currently a way of doing this?

I like the idea!
im looking for something similar where my picture slideshow will automatically start upon any music playing.

I start all my music via airplay so no remote would be perfect. Visualisations that come with xbmc by default are... ugly and unpredictable (some are stunny, then there are grainy & fugly 1990s 16bit patterns which detract from any professional looking experience)[/align]