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Full Version: No automatic update of Cover/Fanart
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I Use Xbmc on my aTV1, aTV2 and iMac. All have the same problem which is independent of used skin. All movies are stored on my NAS.

The problem is that when new movies are put into the NAS that then there is no update of the Fan & Cover art.Probably I am missing a setting somewhere.

Help is appreciated.
debug log (wiki) needed.
Did you setup your sources correctly ?
I think it all works as should.

I thought that XBMC would scan folders for new items and then would seek art for the new files.

I just discovered that when I select a new movie that at that particular moment XBMC fetches the correct art. So it is a different timing then I thought. So guess the problem is solved. Thanks for all help.

I am guessing this isn't solved and that Kibje is correct in his assumption. When you added your share from the NAS as a source, did you select "Movies" as shown in step 7 of the WIKI here?

I have a buddy that is using aTV and he had very similar behavior as you describe. Once I showed him this step, he was off to the races and all was working correctly. XBMC needs to know where to scrape the content in the share, so you have to tell it if the folder contains movies, music, TV........ Then will use the appropriate scraper and source site to pull the info and fan art for that type of media.

Hope that helps.
Sounds like a MySQL set up that is updating artwork one-by-one. Pretty common.