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Full Version: 12.2 crashes after splash screen Ubuntu
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Just updated from 11 to 12.2 on one of my machines, and now it crashes right after loading without any errors. Any ideas? Running on Ubuntu 12.04.
Because XBMC crashes right away we will need either a crash log or a debug log.

These wiki pages explain how to get one in this situation:
Log_file/Advanced (wiki)
HOW-TO:Submit_a_bug_report#Crash_Report (wiki)
Thank you, here is the most recent one:

Never ever post a log directly to the forum.
Next time upload it to pastebin.com , xbmclogs.com or similar as explained in the wiki and forum rules.

I did that for you just this one time because I was in a good mood.
I apologize for not knowing the rules. I read them quite a while back and didn't remember it, or think that posting the crashlog was something that would be against them.

Just for curiosity, and because I'm slightly confused, why is posting logs in that way against the rules? I didn't see a description in the forum rules.

Thank you for the help.
Because the log is HUGE :)
(2013-05-22, 02:21)the_dingman Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't see a description in the forum rules.

Just trying to be helpful and not a smart ass: XBMC forums (wiki) 1.3 point 6. The forum rules are a bit hard to find in the wiki in my opinion.
I'm not sure why they haven't been copied to a forum page, but's probably a technical limitation. We also have a lot of various website work coming up, so copying the forum rules to the forum could just be a back-burner issue for now.