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Full Version: XBMC 12.2 - Cursor won't go to bottom of screen on TV
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Hopefully I'm posting in the right place (please move if not) and this issue isn't covered somewhere else (I did search but found nothing the same as my issue...)

I am running XMBC 12.2 on Bodhi Linux v2.3 (customised Ubuntu 12.04 with E17 desktop).

I set this up using a 21.5 in Monitor and it worked fine, but when I moved it and connected to my TV the strangeness started... In the OS the mouse cursor can go to all areas of the screen no problems, but within XBMC it won't go to the bottom 10% of the screen.

Anybody got any ideas on what might be going on? Thanks
This behaviour is not limited to Linux, I'm running win/64/7 and see this when I open XBMC prior to opening the TV screen (not the same res 1080 vs 1200 on the vertical). I also see this in duplicate mode, with XBMC launched prior to opening this mode, going into settings>system>video you can see the resolution hasn't changed. In short XBMC is not auto re-sizing for the present display.

The easy fix is to just start XBMC up on the second screen with a script ensuring your have opened the secondary first and consider <fullscreen>true</fullscreen> in your user advancedsettings.xml
Another option is to try out the XVBA Frodo build which has better support for (multi)monitor detection.