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Full Version: TV input source issue
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Whenever I play a video it takes few seconds for the image to display however the sound which is output via an optical cable is immediately played. It's almost like the TV (LG 47LA620V) changes the input source and then takes a few seconds for it find the connection again. I've checked the debug logs and there's nothing in there to suggest it's a fault within XBMC.

My theory is that XBMC stops sending a single for a split second. My TV trying to be clever then immediately starts looking for an alternative source, it then finds the input source has returned gives up searching for another one and then takes a couple seconds to configure itself back to the original input source.

Anyone else experienced anything similar or any ways around this issue?
Well if you have your system set up properly it will switch the TV to the correct framerate for the video you are playing.
Thanks nickr you're right, if I switch to 24 fps then starting and stopping videos is instantaneous. However this never happened with my old TV, I assume it's the TV and not XBMC that is being slow at switching or is there something else I can do within XBMC?
No just be grateful it works.
Actually I found a couple solutions after a bit of digging just in case anyone else is interested;

You can either change the refresh rate of xbmc to 24 as most films are encoded at 24fps so no need for the TV to switch framerate, however this potentially makes the navigations seem slightly less fluid, although that could be a subconscious thing, as I'm expecting it too.

System > Video Output > Refresh Rate

The other method if to just switch off the automatic adjusting of the refresh rate, so now the TV stays at 60hz and my videos so far seem to be playing fine.

System > Video > Playback > "Adjust display refresh rate to match video"