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Full Version: 12.2 has just stopped playing mkv's
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Ok, I've hit a major wall here. Everything was working fine for me, just the way I wanted it. I was using the 12.2 DSPlayer build and a couple of nights ago I tried to play a some mkv's with stereo sound and xbmc kept on crashing each time I tried. Ok, I'll watch them on iPlayer instead. Then last night, mkv's started to play without switching my avr to decode the correct sound format, dolby digital, dts etc. I worked all day today, uninstalling and reinstalling my hdmi drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling xbmc (both vanilla and DSPlayer versions) and although dvd's play and decode just fine, mkv's no longer play. The "working" circle comes up and then just stops. A few seconds later I get a message "one or more items failed to play". I'm ready for tearing my hair out.

Anyway, here's the debug log I took from my last installation 20 mins ago - http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=21574 . If you feel you can point me in the right direction, fire away.
My initial guess - access rights of some kind, since I'm assuming that XBMC can still see the file (list the directory) but not open it. So it's not as if the library entry isn't available, otherwise you'd be asked to remove it.

Presuming your files are on a NAS or other network share - can you navigate to them through Explorer? Can you navigate to them through XBMC's file viewer if the shares are mapped within XBMC? Are permissions okay, either the SMB user name or file permissions?
Ok I think I'm getting to the bottom of it. I had installed KLite to see if the stereo mkv's would play using MPC and when they wouldn't I uninstalled KLite. I just remembered about that, so I reinstalled it and I got mkv playbak back, plus blu-ray disc playback on my LG Blu-Ray rewriter, but no multichannel sound again. I tried playing a few mkv's in MPC and they played without multichannel sound as well. I have no idea how to configure it for multichannel sound lol. Anyway I uninstalled it again and now mkv's and blu-rays have stopped working again. The thing is, how do I get them working again. I take it something in the registry is telling mkv's to play with MPC.