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Full Version: Playercorefactor.xml args
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I was wondering if there was any information for possibly having more custom arguments for playercorefactory.
I'm using it in Android, but I can see it being useful on any other OS.
In my case, I want to change how the path is sent to an external player. I'm no Android expert, so using different Windows logic I'd want
<path>/videoplayer - //192.168.xxx.xxx/Videos/Movies/1/1.mkv
to look like
<path>/videoplayer - /mnt/cifs/Videos/Movies/1/1.mkv

Is this possible?
If I am reading what you want correctly, you need to use the advancedsettings.xml...


I'm thinking I need it in playercorefactory.
I use a Mariadb setup for a centralized database and want to keep a single synced library.
Thank you for replying though, that's information I didn't think of clarifying.
Though as I started typing this I kind of wondered if I could use it to keep the library, but have it insert the cifs mount instead, so I tried it, but there was no substitution.