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Full Version: Movies Library 2 Sources only 1 scanned
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Everything was fine until yesterday, but now only my smb share movies are showing, the ones on my local hdd aren't showing, but can be played back via file manager, i`ve tried to rescan, set content, update library, installed missing movie scanner addon, nothing seems to work, anyone got any advice?
Mine is doing the same thing and I cant figure it out... Mine started when I updated to frodo12.2 what about you??
Did you get a bunch of garbage movies at first? I had the same problem starting yesterday but first the system showed me a bunch of movies that were not part of my collection.

Yep.. then you clean the library and when you go to rescan you have reselect the content type for the folder
is there a fix for this or should i report it as a bug?
You need to post some logs.