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Full Version: Question about a music scraper.
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I'm quite new on Raspberry Pi Openelec. I spent some weeks in the configuration files and options and I'm stuck.
Could you help me ?
I've a raspberry Pi B 512M with OpenElec on an USB key. I've a FreeNAS 3.0-BETA2-X64 (R12317M) that host music, videos and images files. Freenas file system is ZFS.
OpenElec : Linux 3.8.7#1 PREEMPT Sat Apr 20 14:47:33 CEST 2013 / XBMC 12.2-PRE Git:f1106fc (Compiled: Apr 20 2013)
vendor OpenGL: Broadcom
version OpenGL: OpenGL ES 2.0
CPU: ARMV6-compatible processor rev 7 (v61)
Hardware BCM2708
Revision : 000e

Now all video and TV shows works fine and are correctly categorized.
I would like to get the same for music. I thnink that I should activate a plugin and do some configuration stuff.
Is there a tutorial on how to do that ? Could you help me and tell me the main steps in order to get music classified, catagorized and displayed with a good skin ?

ok i will tell you mi expirience with the music, the main problem that i had it was the labels on my mp3 files so to make long to shorts i will tell you how ive done

1- make sure that you have your music like this

music folder/artist name/disc name/files

where the "files" should be with the tags on perfect state, you can use mp3tag to do it or any tag editor

once you have that pretty much you almost done, now whats coming next it is

2- install on xbmc the cdart manager addon and scrapper (s) you want to use to get the info regarding artist/albums

son then just do it like you did on the tv shows, and after that you can run cdart manager addon to get the cd arts, covers, etc etc

***** another thing, if for any reason yo cant get the fan art throug the cd manager addon you can alwas doit manually, to doit it is

1 get from fanart.tv the cd art, artist picture, cover from your disc, and if you wish you can get the logo too,

then you need to place them like this:

cd art, with the name cdart.png on the album folder (where the songs are)
cover, with the name folder.png .png on the album folder (where the songs are)
artist thumb, with the name folder.png on the artist folder (where the albums folders are)
logo, with the name logo.png on the same place as the artis thumb is

with that you should have something like this
watch gallery

hope to help you

now if you have ani question ill be more tan glad to help you,
sorry if its cofusing to understand but im not a native english speaker
Thank you for all the information and your reactivity. Your english is quite good for me. I'm not also a native speaker. Smile
I used PuddleTag (I'm under Ubuntu), in order to tag all mp3 files.
I did several tries and now xbmc found all the albums.
for example :
Keane => Perfect.Symmetry (Deluxe Edition) => Keane - 01 - Spiralling.mp3
works fine. PuddleTag remove the mp3 extension and I had to add it manually. With that, WBMC recognized them succesfully.
I've one album with wma extension and I didn't do too much work on it and it was succesfully found, categorized and the cover was found immediatly.
For mp3 files, I installed CDArt Manager. No scraper, I'am already using "Universal Album" scraper. Do I need to specify another one per album ?
I didn't get any pictures using CDArtManager. I'm currently investigating. But Up to no, I didn't find anything.
What I'm sure, I've something wrong with my NFS configuration as I needed to "chmod 777" all directories/files as Openelec needs to write files on it and I don't know what kind of use, it uses. Using the chmod, it removes error in xbmc.log.
I saw that as for one album (wma extension, cdartmanager puts the cover in the directory of the mp3 files).
If you have any ideas, let me now.

I got the pictures related to the music on some albums. It added in the directory, using user 4294967294 (Huh), cdart.png and folder.png.
I had simply to select "update database" option in CDartManager (so stupid, but I'm a beginner Smile)
Some albums have not any pictures associated. I've no idea why or the way to get them.
There is no more messages in xbmx.log.
Is there anyone that could help me ?
to get the cdarts covers etc you can go to fanart.tv and search your artist on music option there, to update the pictures try to do this: on music go to artist and then with the menu key select update artist info it should update your cd arts and covers and artist info, remember that you need to be on the "library mode" or try with another scraper like allmusic, wich skin are you using now?

its good to hear you have some progress with this, its such a pain in the butt to get all the music clasified and with fan arts, cd arts, etc etc the first time but looks great once youre done

have a nice day, ill be cheking for any update from you tomorrow Big Grin