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Full Version: Could not enumerate file - win7 frodo *Resolved*
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hi guys,

I might have been looking at this one for far too long but I cant get a series to add to frodo.

Ive looked through the forum and nothing I can see will help.

debug log:

# log removed by moderator, use pastebin.com next time #

renaming the folder to season 1 has no impact.

any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Remove that log from the forum and use pastebin.com as the forum rules state
(2013-05-25, 16:27)fenster89411 Wrote: [ -> ]15:12:15 T:17664 DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Could not enumerate file Z:\TV\The World at War\S01\S01xE01.avi
Remove the x.
Apologies Martijn.

Kudos scudlee - thanks very much - resolved.

Nice 1!