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Full Version: Frodo 12.2 Airplay and music.
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Im running Frodo 12.2 on Arch linux and have just updated all packages to check if that fixed my problems. However Ive had this problem a while and want to fix it now.

My HTPC broadcasts airplay perfectly to all my i devices. When I try to play a video from any source it works perfectly. When I try to steam just an audio source to it however it just doesnt do anything. Its like its not even registered with XBMC. If I install the lastest git snapshot all works perfectly but due to other issues (all my videos cause it to crash) I dont want to run the alpha. Can anyone offer any advice or tips I can try to get this working?

Here is a debug log.

I started XBMC fresh with debuging. Streamed a youtube vevo video to it and it played. Stopped the video. Disconnected airplay. Opened itunes. Reconnected via airplay and pressed play (itunes shows the song playing). Then exited itunes and closed xbmc.


Thank you.