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Full Version: Same writer listed more than once in movie library
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Hello all, I am working on cleaning up my movie library and have a small issue.

For many movies, the same writer is listed multiple times. The reason for this is how the writing credits on IMDb are presented -- you may have a "story by" credit, then a "screenplay by" credit, which may overlap. The Universal Movie Scraper does not check for duplicates, so just lists them in 2 separate entries.

I remember using a past version of XBMC and it would automatically remove the duplicates. I believe this was despite the fact that the database still listed multiple entries. I am not sure if this was a skin specific feature or not.

If it matters, I am using MediaStream 2.3.0 on Frodo 12.2. I noticed the same problem with Aeon Nox, though.

If anyone could point me in the right direction for removing the duplicates it would be much appreciated!