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Full Version: New to XBMC
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I am currently using Plex as my media server and media player and am not totally happy with it. Thinking about moving to XBMC but have some questions first...
I am running a Mac environment as follows:
Central unit: iMac running 10.8.3 with Drobo HDD for media library (movies) hard wired to a router/WiFi Access point.
Mixed format on the movies (.ISO, .AVI, mp4XX, .MKV and DVD Media Document (containing Video_TS).
In each media room (2) I have Mac minis (10.8.3) currently networked via WiFi to the iMac. If necessary I will change that to hard wired (Cat5e or cat6).

Problem with Plex is that it does not allow the streaming of Video_TS.

Question: Does XBMC allow this and is it seamless? Are there any restrictions on file formats in XBMC?
Is there anything special I need to consider or adjust to my environment if I change to XBMC?

Plex in the media rooms have a tendency to hang in the middle of some movies that play perfect on the iMac that is directly attached to the Drobo. Same problem with XBMC?

I have one additional room where I currently have an ATV 2 installed. Is there an agent for ATV? and if so, can I run XBMC effectively on that?
Do I install the same XBMC on my Mac minis or is there a media player for those?

Thnx in advance for any assistance! Huh
Yes, no, not really, no, yes (iOS FAQ (wiki)), run XBMC.

There's a some extra sets here and there, but I think you will be very happy with XBMC. You can even mix XBMC with PMS via leXBMC" target="_blank">Add-onTongueleXBMC (wiki) if you need to. Check out the FAQs (wiki) and adding videos to the library (wiki) and that should cover most stuff.
You'll want to ditch the wifi.