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Full Version: Help Please: MP4 playback not working over DLNA
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I cruised around for a while and didn't come across anything that could answer my question. So my issue is I'm all of a sudden not able to play mp4 videos on my DLNA enabled LG tv. These video formats are supposedly supported by LG and I believe I recall watching a few of these on this set before. Here is the link to my log file: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=22168

I am able to play Brave with no issue on the set at

18:30:40 T:6732 DEBUG: Received request to serve '43EE8473473F20E7B5203AC0B1FF5162/Brave.avi'

But when I attempt to play Frankenweenie at

18:30:49 T:6860 DEBUG: Received request to serve '26F14A576574B544404F8F0005B54856/Frankenweenie.mp4

or Hop at

18:30:55 T:5084 DEBUG: Received request to serve 'F4BD0D2BA2EE41F139D2F186BE9BA550/Hop.mp4'

Could someone help me figure out where my breakdown is and why I can't watch this file format over DLNA?

So here is some updated information and troubleshooting steps I've taken.
The exact model of the TV is LG 47LX6500. I checked the Owner Manual and got file support info:

H.264/AVC Main Profile [email protected]

I checked the videos and have been testing with only one video. The test video was set at a main Profile [email protected] I also noticed that I can play the video once, then when it stops all other mp4 videos do not play again until the tv is power cycled. Is this maybe an issue with bandwidth?

Either way I tried changing the Profile level down to a 4.1, this didn't resolve the issue. Anyone willing to offer any help? I can provide another log file. More info on test files used and whatnots.