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Full Version: remote control (HAMA MCE) is flaky, any help?
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there are plenty of posts on customising buttons etc, but the problem I am experiencing is of more fundamental nature.

More often than not my remote isn't recognised at all, and that is the same with XBMC 12.1 under Ubuntu 11.10 using inputlirc, as well as with OpenELEC and (XBMC 12.2) under both Ubuntu 12.04 and on the Raspberry Pi.

It is absolutely frustrating; occasionally the remote works "out of the box", but upon the next reboot it fails comlpetely and the USB receiver stays silent, i.e. the LED doesn't flash when I press buttons on my remote.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or better even, does anyone has an idea what is going on here? I read somewhere that the HAMA MCE is not a propper MCE remote, and so I am thinking of buying a different remote. But as the remote works sometimes, what is there to say that I won't have the problem with a different remote?

the hama works well for me. No lirc needed, it works out of the box on ubuntu >=12.04. No issues with receiver not working.

Maybe your receiver is faulty or the batteries are low? Did you try different USB ports or on another pc?
Wsnipex, you rock, thumbs up from me! It looks like it was indeed a low battery problem! It never occured to me that I might be dealing with a battery problem, because the LED on the remote itself has been working fine all along. Anyway, I'll keep a fresh pair of AAs handy from on.

if you are interested, here is my keyboard.xml for the hama: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703896/