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Full Version: No sound on TV via amplituner
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I have a problem with audio output on tv from xbmc connected via ONKYO amplituner.
When the amp is on, everything works fine and multichanel audio is played flawlessly.
Once the amp is off, the video goes shuttered and there is no audio output.
I don't want to have amp working all the time, and that's why I would like to have the audio switched from digital to analog when the amp is off. My guess it is a 'passthrough' problem but I failed to solve it on my own, hence this post.

This problem does not occur when I use my external Sat receiver connected to the same amp (Dolby Digital on). I.e. When amp is on DD is output through amp. When amp is off I can hear the sound through tv with no problem. By the way I can hear the system sounds with no problem via tv, but not any multichanel sound.

This also worked perfectly on my old Popcorn hour A200 network player in a way described above with sat receiver. I.e. all digital sound options were set to passthrough however when I turned off the amp, I could watch the movie with no problem on a tv with stereo sound on my tv.

However I cannot force the HTPC to output digital multichanel when amp is on and force it to automatically 'detect' that the amp is off and output normal analog stereo sound through tv.

In case you wondered about the config, hardware, etc, below is a link to debug log.

If you need additional info to resolve my problem let me know and will answer.

Thanks for help!;-)