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Full Version: How to install build with Retroplayer?
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How can I install a build of XBMC with Retroplayer?

JOe K.
Compile from source.

Or celedhrim is nice enough to host a compiled version for windows.
Awesome! I can't wait to give it a go! Greatest thing since HD audio
Hi there i tried using this one; [ ] XBMCSetup-20130711-ffb31f0-retroplayer8.exe 15-Jul-2013 22:23

XBMC works all right but i can not get it to launch any roms. Read the intropage and it said that retroplayer was only for win32.. I use win8 64 bit, but xbmc seems to run as a 32 bit executable. So i am a bit confused. Shoud i expect retroplayer to not work? or do i need to do som troublesearching.?
RetroPlayer should work, the platform is the xbmc executable not the system, so you're running win32. Upload a debug log please and I'll check it out.