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Full Version: skin.Dashboard 360
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Hello to everybody on this forum.
This skin project is was my attempt to clone xbox 360 dashboard as much as possible.
I will not answer on questions, because I have no real knowledge about writing xml file.
Otherwise I personally use Dashboard 1080 from binBD,
and this skin is building on his skin mod.
I publish this skin because I hope so that,others will join in developing skin.


watch gallery
I was curious to see how all this looks in action and i have to say, that the advertisment videos playing on home and all the funny extras is very original ! Nice concept ... keep it up
thanks for support

Now currently I not working on skin,but I will continue work.
I have trouble with advertisement panel I can't separate video and audio,
but that's because the engine of xbmc can't separate I think so.
And the avatar is not possible to grab,
because on xbox live no have video code for avatar it is just the engine
like on games .
hello, just test it and I feel that their are very good ideas but why would you stick so much with the 360 board? I feel it's hard to understand some stuff ( like parameter ) and many thing doesn't seems to work like it intend to....
I think that a mix between your work and the last xperience could be great!
Some views are great, the animated panel on home are very exciting but in my opinion you could achieve a way more great skin by going a little away from the original dash to achieve your own skin...
anyway, great work and thanks for sharing !
Thank you bakito
All that I worked for test to see if is possible to clone dashboard 360.
I would like to make my skin, but I do not have enough knowledge for writing code.
Personally, I do not think the dashboard 360 something special, but there are good opportunities for applications.
Best Regards
If there was a download link in the top post, It's not working now. 
I've been looking for a 360 skin for Kodi so I could turn a PC into an Xbox 360.
Can you supply a new link?