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Full Version: 13.0 Gotham - Merge window June 2013
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13.0 Gotham - Merge window June 2013


This is a work in progress list an june change without notice.
Please do not comment on github as that is dedicated for developers only to discuss the code changes.
If you have any issues please post these on the the XBMC forum.

Code merges:
These are the features/fixes that went in through a so called 'pull request'.
As always features are always done through these so there can be a code review done before merging these into mainline.
Features are only merged in from the first of the month till the tenth. After this the window closes and only bug fixes are allowed in.

PR2793 - bump to libnfs 1.6
PR2777 - Add buffering to video renderers
PR2765 - settings: support "subsettings" using a "parent" attribute
PR2780 - settings: add list control using CGUIDialogSelect
PR2804 - added: install xbmc bindings
PR1772 - [gui] added colordiffuse attribute on texture definition
PR2737 - [DVDPlayer] Take advantage of "if" evaluation order.
PR2728 - Cleanup styled labelling code
PR2729 - [OSX] support CMD+v to paste clipboard text.
PR2800 - [rbp/omxplayer] Ignore video stream in audio filetypes
PR2801 - [rbp/omxplayer] Support automatic deinterlace correctly
PR2637 - Raise USB and CEC rescan interval to 5 seconds
PR2775 - settings: add descriptions area to CGUIWindowSettingsCategory
PR2799 - [rbp/omxplayer] [Cosmetics] Remove unused code
PR2814 - [rbp/omxplayer] Support planar float format audio directly
PR2781 - [GUI/Player] Proper audio track lang-name string for kai toast
PR2816 - Python based add-on installers
PR2764 - [UPNP/JSONRPC] add source setting allowSharing to secure source access from UPNP/WebServer
PR2817 - [RFC] Clarify behavior of GetOffset
PR2827 - CDirectoryCache::FileExists failing for cached directories with no parent
PR2840 - [Python] Adds an optional parameter "sound" to Dialog::notification to allow a silent notification
PR2746 - Android register player
PR2843 - Optionally allow caching for all network streams, including those on LAN (via new advanced setting 'alwaysforcebuffer')
PR2821 - [Minor] Added support for discnumber to CueDocument
PR2806 - Add ripped CDs automatically to database
PR2809 - [dvd/omxplayer] don't override NextItem/PreviousItem with chapter skipping
PR2847 - Vda ffmpeg
PR2851 - advancedsettings: don't lowercase custom regexp for tvshowmatching
PR2238 - add builtin to set GUI Language
PR2638 - ADD: ActivateScreensaver to builtin functions
PR2858 - Implement Logitech Rumblepad 2
PR2857 - droid/jni: add MulticastLock class and hook it up to wifi manager
PR2844 - [droid] - add zeroconf support
PR303 - Wifi improvements
PR2751 - Add debian packaging script and jenkins buildsteps


PR2791 - Softae locking fixup
PR2784 - droid: fix launching android apps from favourites
PR2803 - [fix] stack could mistakenly be seen as a FileDirectory if contained iso files
PR2739 - Fixes for CEnvironment and removal of win32putenv.cpp
PR2762 - fix ; wake-on-access ; wait for specific net-interface to get connected
PR2796 - settings: initialization fixes
PR2815 - vdpau: fix segfault caused by uninitialized member
PR2824 - settings: fix handling of settings unloading
PR2752 - Fix gtests for SystemInfo, Mime, DownloadQueue and Directory
PR2825 - [Fix/Subtitles] Fix wrong indices of erroneous subtitles.
PR2845 - Vda decoding fixups
PR2850 - [rbp/omxplayer] Fix divide by zero at eof
PR2838 - Fix for single files multiple songs reported in #14397
PR2730 - [DVDPlayer] ffmpeg support http/https protocol options, also fix #14309.
PR2819 - [FIX] CFileItemList.assign() should keep sort information
PR2859 - [rbp/omxplayer] Fix for srt subtitle sync
PR2774 - [rbp] Fix new settings scheme for RPi and provide defaults
PR2786 - merge iOS and OSX xcodeprojects
PR2636 - Use different names for USB/CEC and Udev related threads
PR2798 - [rbp/omxplayer] Merge with current dvdplayer
PR2798 - Die linux die
PR2820 - [RFC] convert CFavourites into CFavouritesDirectory
PR2740 - changed: Improve/cleanup logging when seeking cached streams
PR2756 - Remove unneeded or outdated _MSC_VER macro #ifs
PR2833 - [rbp/omxplayer] Simplify clock handling
PR2836 - [rbp/omxplayer] Some code tidy ups
PR2697 - [cores/interfaces] Make functions static if possible.
PR2853 - [rbp/omxplayer] Remove discontinuity handling from players
PR2760 - External FFmpeg cleaning

Noteworthy separate commit fixes:
Below is a list of fixes that went directly into mainline without going through the pull request process

Still to be merged:
Below is a list of pull request that are most likely to be still merged this merge window. This is however not guaranteed and this list june change without notice and can be moved to next month.