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Full Version: OpenELEC ☆ Build #4
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[CASE/PSU] ANTEC ISK 110 VESA / 90W ($80)
[MOBO/CPU/GPU] GIGABYTE GA-C1007UN-D / Celeron 1007U / Intel HD Graphics ($97)
[RAM] Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 2GB (1x2GB) 204-pin DDR3 1333MHz CL9 1.5V ($21)
[SSD] ADATA Premier Pro SP600 32GB SATA-III 2.5" Read:360MB/s Write:130MB/s ($50)
TOTAL: $248

* FULL 2D 1080P Ready!!
* 1 x HDMI output!!
* 1 x SATA-III port!!
* 4 x USB 2.0 ports!!

* won't do FULL 3D 1080P!!
* no Built-in WiFi!!
* no Built-in Bluetooth!!
* no Optical (S/PDIF) output!!
* no USB 3.0 ports!!
* no Multi Card Reader slot!!
That setup looks great for the money, now just need the board to be available in the UK
yes indeed!

as for UK, doesn't seem available yet at least.

there's some on ebay if you feel going that route,
Hopefully it will new available here soon as I think this build is quite tempting as long as we don't get the usual substitution of the $ sign for a £ one
well that i can't control :/
Maths of Economics concerning Products

1 Euro = 1 Dollar = 1 Pound....

(nothing to do with exchange rates) Smile Smile Smile
Ain't that the truth:)
would this below do all of above


@hmally123: where's the hdmi port on that mobo?
(2013-05-29, 16:10)eskro Wrote: [ -> ]@hmally123: where's the hdmi port on that mobo?

to the left of vga slot
sorry wrong one
i've edited it.
thats not the mobo i looked at, he changed the link, now links to biostar board.

before it linked to --> http://www.ebuyer.com/397792-mb-boxd2550...xd2550mud2
I think for HTPC usage you would not see a lot of difference between Celeron 847 and Celeron 1007U so I would go with what your budget allows. Right now at Newegg, you can get the Gigabyte C847 $40 cheaper than the Gigabyte C1007U but only because of the rebate. If it were only $10-20 cheaper then I would go for the C1007U.

It remains to be seen until someone tests it what the 3D support is for the C1007U. The Passmark numbers for the C1007U come close to the G530T which is very impressive!

Two other mini-ITX solutions should be arriving soon: the next generation of Atom with Ivy Bridge Intel HD graphics and Haswell there are supposed to be mini-ITX motherboards with embedded "R" processors. I would like to see thin mini-ITX version with on-board DC power for all these.
sorry for being a pain i have just found this one, would this one be o.k


It's hard to say if the fan on that ASUS one will be noisy or not. Otherwise, it should perform identical to any other C847 motherboard,
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