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Full Version: [RELEASE] JamBMC (Jamendo App Contest Music Plugin) - Free Music
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What is JamBMC?
JamBMC is a XBMC music add-on to browse, search, stream and download Songs and Albums from Jamendo.com. It was developed to participate in Jamendo's App-Contest. You don't need any kind of Account, just start it, find music you like and enjoy Smile

What is Jamendo?
http://www.jamendo.com/ is the worlds largest digital service for free music.

What is Jamendo App Contest?
Jamendo has started an App-Contest to promote its new v3 API. All kinds of Apps are allowed: iOS, Android, Browser and even XBMC is explicit allowed. There are two Awards:
1. Innovation Award (voted by Jamendo Jury)
2. Community Award (voted by Jamendo Community)
Each has a price for the winner and the second winner.

Demo Video


watch gallery

It has several Features, have a look to its Readme for a full list.

Some Highlights:
- Free and legal
- Song/Album Download (incl. Covers)
- Find Artists near your Location
- Search and Browse for Artists/Tracks/Albums
- Deep Context-Menu integration
- Mixtapes (Multiple Playlist Management via Context-Menu)
- Dynamic-Sorting/Multiple-Tag-Filtering

This Add-on is already in the official xbmc.org Add-on Repository, you can simply install it from within XBMC.

Have fun!
The Add-on is now available in the official xbmc.org Add-on Repository.

You can install it via:
- Settings
- Add-ons
- Get add-ons
- XBMC.org Add-ons
- Music Add-ons
- JamBMC
- Install
@sphere, thanks work very well, legal and free (cool).
Amazing work. Thanks!
Thanks for your feedback Smile

just wanted to say:This is the most advanced of all music plugins for xbmc. It is really great, especially the download with cover.

thanks and keep more plugins coming!!!

(2013-06-12, 17:54)sphere Wrote: [ -> ]The Vote is open, if you like this add-on, please vote for it

I Voted in your great addon.

Btw, the voting ends on Sunday 23rd at midnight.

I didn't find where to send feedback on that app, so here it is :

When you use a http proxy in the xbmc configuration, your app tries to fetch an https url through that proxy using a GET http command. It should be using a CONNECT command. I tried other apps connecting to the internet using https (youtube and twitch.tv) and yours is not doing the right CONNECT command when the others do.

I tried version 1.0.0 (from official repo) and version 1.0.1 (using the .zip from that forum thread) on XBMC version 12 on a raspberrypi using raspbmc.
I'm using a squid 3 as http proxy.

If you need help to check new versions when using proxies, you can send me .zip files of jamBMC Smile

sorry, I have no proxy to test. Can you tell me more details?
- Which requests are using the wrong http command? All?

You can also contact me via email (see add-on info for my address) or you could open a github issue.

The Contest is over and unfortunately JamBMC couldn't win any price.
Thanks anyway for voting!

Nevertheless, I will continue the development of this add-on Smile

@sphere, in addon settings, is not possible insert user name, I need edit manually file settings.xml, in addon_data, for solve.
(2013-07-14, 21:58)Wanilton Wrote: [ -> ]@sphere, in addon settings, is not possible insert user name, I need edit manually file settings.xml, in addon_data, for solve.

Yes, I already fixed the issue on github but didn't bump the version in the repo.
Just to be sure: You know that the username-field in settings is not an text-setting but an action setting - so you need to select it and you will be asked for the username in an modal keyboard dialog.

I will bump the version in the repo in a few days...