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Full Version: Main Menu Recently Added Movies showing wrong image ?
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Hi folks,

I recently upgraded to Frodo (12.2) and im noticing an issue with the 'recently added' tiles that appear when you have the 'Movie' menu item highlighted. They appear to be showing the fanart image that is included with each movie... but it seems like it should be displaying the poster image here. Is there anyway to change this ? or is there some issue with the way i have things setup that is causing this ? I know when i go into the movies section, i see all my posters and fanart images exactly where they're supposed to be. Based on that, i would have thought xbmc would just be able to use the same poster image it uses inside movie section, on this recently added section in main menu. Any ideas ? Thanx very much. Smile

Nm on this one. I installed the Confluence Customizable Mod and it seems to have fixed this issue i was having. Poster images now display in recently added, rather than fanart. So all good.