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Full Version: Why can't i scrape it?
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Hey, maybe someone can help me fast.

I'm trying to scrape this Movie: http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/143596-b...-e-o-f-t-1

Using the Universal Scraper, i set everything to themoviedb.org

But even when I type the exact title in the "Manual" Tab, it is not recognized. Is there any way to give him the ID or something?

not sure but mayby because there's no info on the movie (no plot no nothing just the title)
I seem to have the same issues with some Dutch movies.
No English plot in the overview box, but there is a foreigh language plot (language dropbox left column).
I have tried to add some English text in the overview box, and 24hours later (API time), I could pick up the movie.
But only with the English plot....
Don't know how to change that to the foreign language plot, because there are no such options in XBMC.