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Full Version: Channel Sorting
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i have TVheadend as Front and Backand with dual Tuner card

Works good and switching times are ok approx. 2 sec depending SD or HD

I am used to my Dreambox Enigma2 DM8000 with my channel lists in diffrent bouquets

Bouquet "HD+" with all my german HD programs
"Free to air" with all my free to air programs

and so on

in total list i have about 2300 channels and it annoys me extremly to search in that list
is there an way to sort all those programs in subcategories in xbmc or tvheadend ?

best would be to have an external program to organize them with drag and drop

Have you looked at tvheadend's "tags" feature? Not drag-and-drop, but this allows you to group channels together in to different buckets (e.g. by type, by provider, by SD/HD, etc.) - the tags then appear in XBMC as well, so you can cycle through them to get to a specific group of channels.

Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> Channel Tags to define them; Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> Channels to set them (all in the tvh web interface).
Hello and thank you for the tip,

I already tried that but it was too complicated and time consuming with all my channels for them to sort them out
Unfortunately i don’t have a choice right now

So I tried to get it done step by step.. but ass soon I began I ran into another problem
I also posted it in the tvheadend forum:

Quote:" Hello,

i'm new to tvheadend
i'm using it as back and frontend in xbmc

I'm struggling with an intelligent way of sorting the channels
I wanted to try to sort them via Tags but i detected a big problem for me
I saw that after the mapping some channels are part of different tags

My setup is Cine 6.5 dual tuner with 4 Satelites over Diseq
13°, 19.2°, 23.5, 28,2

I first thing I do is a Tag called "Comic"
these are all channels for my child, one of her favourite channels is called "boomerang"
that particular channel is part of the following automatic Tags:
BSkyB, CANALDIGITAAL, Cyfrowy Polsat S.A., NetMed, SDTV, SKY, SatelliteBG, SkyItalia, TV channels

When I lock under the “DVB Inputs” “TV Adapters” “adapter1”
Then services.. when I lock there I can clearly see the different providers, coding, frequencies... like it should be

But after the mapping I only get 1 channel bommerang the other ones are let’s say overwritten by the one

Is there a way to “split” the channels again do get them each on in there respective tag ?

same is for "discovery HD.. History HD... Sky +1 ...

Thank you in advance for any help

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying you lost all channels except one? How did you do that?
(2013-06-10, 21:14)negge Wrote: [ -> ]I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying you lost all channels except one? How did you do that?

Sorry i try to explain it better

in my Service list there are about 5 diffrent "BOOMERANG" channel (Kids movies)
why 5 because diffrent languages from diffrent Providers
ex. SKY German -> Boomerang in german language
Sky UK -> Boomerang in english
CSAT -> Boomerang in French

but when i map the complete list it seems that tvheadend overwrites all boomerang channel leaving me with only 1 bommerang channel with diffretn Tags" Sky germ. csat, sky uk)
right now i only have the Italien one
It thinks the channels are the same since they have the same name. Remove the channel and then map the service you actually use to that channel.
Just go to the Services tab, and rename the channels to:
Then the different channels will show up under the channels list.